PolyU Online Platform for Robotics & Control

An educational project supported by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Projectile Motion Revisit

Whet your appeetite for POP through a simple projectile motion simulation. Learn the navigation in the 3D scene and how to use our UI.


The mass-spring-damper system is the best example for beginners in modeling and control. Tune the parameters of the PID controller. Let's see what will happen!

Underactuated Cartpole

How to balance a pendulum around its unstable equilibrium when the only control input is the force applied to the cart? Learn the essence of state feedback control with a simplified cartpole system

Don't Let the Cat Fall!

A cat is standing on a building and suffering from an earthquake. Apply your vibration concept to save the cat!

Robotic Arm

A cross-platform 5-DOF robotic arm simulator to learn forward kinematics and motion planning. Customizing it with your favourite colors is also recommended!